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The Mexico Vacation Awareness Organization focuses on creating awareness about the many unknown dangers that may await you when choosing to vacation in Mexico. Our organization is also working hard to see that The International Travelers Bill of Rights becomes a law. This bill will help save lives. If you have found this website helpful, and would like to support our mission, please consider making a contribution to our nonprofit organization which is a qualified, 501 c3 tax deductible corporation. The Mexico Vacation Awareness Organization is a 100% volunteer organization and 100% of funds received will go towards the work of the organization. Your generous donation will allow our organization to continue to grow.

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Spread the word!
If you found this website informative and eye opening, please forward it to everyone in your address book. Also, by adding the link to your “My Space” or “Facebook” page we can really get the word out. Please do whatever you can. Your help in creating awareness can prevent another senseless and tragic death. Thank you for supporting this very import cause.
Contact your Congressman!

Please contact your Congressman Ask them to cosponsor the International Travelers Bill of Rights Act~HR1120. Let them know that you are very concerned about what you have read on this site. The number of American’s that have died tragically of “non-natural” causes while in Mexico is outrageous. This number makes up 32% of all “non-natural” deaths in the World! Tell your Congressman that you feel strongly that the United States Government along with Travel Industry leaders, such as Apple Vacations, are not sharing their knowledge of unsafe conditions with you prior to booking your trip. The information that is provided in HR 1120 is information that you need to assist you in making an educated decision about your international vacation destination


A Canadian media outlet is investigating the allegation that tourists' drinks are spiked at resorts in Mexico. If you are a bartender or resort employee in Mexico, and have any insight into this allegation, please get in touch with the administrators of this website. Anonymity is assured--- neither your name nor the resort you work at will be identified. You will be connected with a Spanish-speaker if you prefer. Thank you.

Hi, I'm trying to find the family of a young man who died at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba resort on or around February 27, 2012. He went into distress at the resort's swim-up pool bar at approximately 12:00 p.m. and died shortly after. He appeared to be around 22 years old, seemed to be of European origin, had a physical disability (he had a leg brace) and his father spoke very little to no English and had difficulty communicating with those around him.

A Canadian nurse and two off-duty paramedics, one from Ohio and the other from Canada, tried to help the victim after he was taken out of the pool. If you have any information about the victim, please get in touch with this site's administrators because I am anxious to contact the victim's family. Thank you.  

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If you have an idea about other ways to create awareness let us know. Although this website is a good start it is not enough. Please contact us through this website with your thoughts about additional ways to “spread the word”.