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Rising drug violence causes tourism in Mexico to fall dramatically

Nov 4 2017

Guests in Mexican hotels have canceled 35,000 reserved nights in the upcoming year, as hotel occupancy decline 10% this year. The reason is an explosion of violence near popular tourist areas.   Read more

Senators demand State Department do more on blackouts of tourists at Mexico resorts

Oct 31 2017

Journal Sentinel reporter Raquel Rutledge was on "The Dr. Oz Show" to talk about her investigation into tourists blacking out drinking small and moderate amounts of alcohol at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.   Read more

American Tourists Have Been Scared Away From Mexico’s Beaches

Oct 25 2017

In the spring break capital of Cancun, Mexico, hotel occupancy has tumbled 10 percent this year. As bad as that is, over in Los Cabos, on the tip of the Baja California peninsula, it’s worse.
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Insecurity in Cancun extremely worrying, says business council

Oct 18 2017

Despite new strategies, cases of insecurity continue to present themselves in Cancun, a fact that is extremely worrying said Eloy Peniche Ruiz, president of the Business Coordinating Council.
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Broadcast journalist shot dead in Mexico on same day Maltese reporter killed in car bomb

Oct 17 2017

Cecilia Mendez was driving her red Mazda when a motorist pulled up alongside and sprayed her with bullets.   Read more

Hundreds of Mexicans Have Been Murdered Simply Because They Are Women

Oct 17 2017

On Sept. 8, 19-year-old Mara Fernanda Castilla used a ride-hailing app to find a ride home; generally considered a safer alternative to hailing a taxi on the street for women in Mexico. A week later she was found dead.   Read more

FBI warns residents of Mexican 'virtual kidnapping' telephone scams

Oct 17 2017

A new scam has emerged that attempts to trick people into believing that a loved one is in danger to scam ransom money from their bank accounts.   Read more

Another execution in Playa del Carmen; 44 so far this year

Sep 21 2017

A man was shot dead on Monday September 18th at Colonia Las Palmas, which makes it homicide case number 44 so far this year in Playa del Carmen.   Read more

Mexican Cartel Executes 8-Month-Old Baby, Others in Cancun

Sep 20 2017

Gunmen murdered two police commanders and an 8-month-old child in the Mexican resort city of Cancun at a shopping mall frequented by American tourists. The officers were husband and wife and recipients of death threats for their cartel crackdowns.   Read more

'Narcos' Location Manager Dead At 37: Netflix, Authorities Confirm Carlos Muñoz Portal Murdered In Mexico

Sep 20 2017

Mexican authorities confirmed the death of Netflix's location manager, Carlos Muñoz Portal. According to CNN, the body was found Sunday evening, inside a compact car with several gun impacts, in a community belonging to the State of Mexico that borders with the state of Hidalgo, a state with one of the highest murder rates in the country.   Read more

Police couple executed in Cancun shopping-center parking lot

Sep 19 2017

A police couple was shot to death on Saturday night Sept. 16 in the parking lot of the Gran Plaza shopping center in Cancun.   Read more

Woman and Two Men Dead in Sombreros Three Days Before Mexican Independence Day

Sep 19 2017

The mutilated corpses of three Mexicans were found dumped on the street with their detached heads inside of sombreros, just three days before the country’s celebration of Independence Day.
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Where tourism thrives in Mexico, bloodshed and poverty are blocks away

Sep 16 2017

In recruiting foot soldiers, the drug gang did not have to look hard to find 18-year-old Edwin Alberto López Rojas. He, in fact, had been looking for them.   Read more

Crime wave continues: 3 executed in Cancun and Puerto Morelos

Sep 16 2017

The crime wave that Cancún has experienced since the beginning of 2016 continued with the execution of a subject in broad daylight and the discovery of a body in a suburban tract and another one in the so-called “Route of the Cenotes”, in Puerto Morelos.   Read more

Cartel Violence on Cabo Beach Sure to Drive Tourists Away

Sep 8 2017

The Daily Mail has a shocking update for tourists who like to go south-of-the-border for their winter vacations: “Attackers armed with machine guns murdered three men on a Mexican beach packed with tourists on Sunday.   Read more

Two developments endanger tourism to Mexico

Sep 8 2017

Though it’s tempting to remain focused on the good news in travel, there are occasions when loyalty to my readers requires that I alert them to travel dangers. Two developments have caused a large number of Americans to put off their trips to the alluring Mexican resort areas “south of the border.”   Read more

Kansas nurse and her husband warn others after she fell violently ill from suspected tainted alcohol in Mexico

Sep 8 2017

A Kansas nurse has spoken out to warn others after she fell violently ill from suspected tainted alcohol while vacationing with her husband in Mexico.   Read more

Mexico on defensive as bookings drop after U.S. warning

Sep 2 2017

Mexico's tourism industry went into damage control mode this week as tour operators reported that bookings to the country were taking a hit following the State Department's recent travel warning that cited increased homicide rates in the resort states of Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo.   Read more

Los Cabos is no longer a haven from Mexico's bloodshed

Sep 2 2017

On a recent balmy afternoon in Los Cabos, as tourists and locals frolicked in the sparkling blue sea, a group of men toting automatic weapons stormed onto a crowded beach.   Read more

Are Mexican Resorts Serving Up Tainted Booze?

Aug 28 2017

Mexico is a hugely popular destination for American tourists as more than 9 million Americans visited the country last year, but not everyone had the vacation they hoped for.   Read more

From a celebrity paradise to a bloody war zone where cartels don't have to hide

Aug 28 2017

Harrowing photographs taken in Acapulco, Mexico, shed light on the city's ongoing battle with violent crime.   Read more

Journal Times editorial: Mexico must do more to protect tourists

Aug 27 2017

Don’t drink the water. Or the alcohol, either. For dozens of American tourists their quest for a sun-filled vacation at some of Mexico’s exclusive resorts in Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya, their dream get-away has instead turned into a nightmare of blackouts, hospital visits and in the case of one Wisconsin woman—death.   Read more

As Mexico’s drug cartels fracture, violence and travel warnings soar

Aug 26 2017

The internal fracturing of Mexico’s drug cartels has led to soaring violence across the country in the past year, prompting the U.S. State Department to issue travel warnings to 23 of 31 Mexican states, including four bordering Texas and two popular tourist destinations.  rget="_blank" href="">Read more

Cross border spill? No, the flow came from the U.S. side

Aug 26 2017

The initial report by the U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission told of a 212,000-gallon spill from Mexico into the Tijuana River channel.   Read more

U.S. warns citizens about traveling to Mexico's Cancun and Los Cabos as violence surges

Aug 23 2017

The U.S. State Department has warned its citizens about traveling to Cancun and Los Cabos, two of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, after a surge in violence in those regions.
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About that Mexican resort trip — consider yourself warned

Aug 23 2017

The State Department has issued an updated travel advisory warning U.S. citizens about the risks of traveling in Mexico.   Read more

Arlington man blames tainted Mexican booze for blackout, $57K medical bills

Aug 23 2017

Rick Autrey is finally back to work at the Garden Plaza Barber Shop, a three-chair spot in an Arlington strip mall he opened in 1994.   Read more

Booking a trip somewhere in Mexico? Check this list to see if it’s safe

Aug 23 2017

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory for Mexico, urging Americans to avoid areas where citizens have been victims of violent crimes.   Read more

Journalist murdered in Mexico, 10th of 2017 (Updated)

Aug 23 2017

A Mexican journalist under government protection was shot dead Tuesday in the violent state of Veracruz, an official said, the 10th journalist murdered in Mexico this year.   Read more

U.S. Warns Citizens About Traveling to Cancun

Aug 22 2017

The U.S. State Department warned its citizens about traveling to parts of Mexico including Cancun and Playa del Carmen, as homicides rise at resorts popular with American tourists.   Read more

Senator calls on State Dept to take action on blackout cases at Mexico resorts

Aug 17 2017

A Pewaukee family traveled to an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen in January. Their two college kids wound up unconscious, face down in the pool within two hours. Twenty-year-old Abbey died. Her older brother Austin, suffered a concussion.   Read more

Florida mother believes tainted alcohol killed her son at Cancun resort in 2013

Aug 17 2017

BRADENTON, Fla. - Aug.10 marked four years since Karen Smith got the news that her son drowned in the pool at the Grand Oasis Cancun Resort and Spa.   Read more

What I learned after being robbed at gunpoint in Mexico

Aug 17 2017

When my family and I got robbed at gunpoint while on vacation in Mexico, money was hardly the first thought on my mind.   Read more

Mexico: 10,000 Gallons of Illegal Alcohol Seized in Operation to Protect Tourists' Health

Aug 17 2017

Mexican health authorities conducted an operation to crack down on the sale of tainted alcohol at tourist resorts in Cancún and Playa del Carmen after the suspicious death of 20-year-old American tourist Abbey Conner in January spotlighted the issue.   Read more

Nine tourists die in Playa del Carmen during holidays

Aug 16 2017

Nine vacationers died in this destination during the holiday season, all due to natural causes except the Russian man who drowned in a cenote, informed the director of Public Safety, Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera.   Read more

Tampa Bay area mother warns of tainted alcohol following son’s death in Mexico

Aug 16 2017

A Bradenton mother is warning the public of the threat of tainted alcohol in Mexico after her son died unexpectedly at a popular vacation spot in Cancun.   Read more

A couple's dream vacation goes down the drain due to bad Mexican booze

Aug 16 2017

For a young couple from Ruston, it was the vacation they have been waiting a decade for, a week full of fun and sunshine, the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of marriage.  But...   Read more

Mysterious Tourist Deaths At Mexico Resorts Possibly Linked To Illegal Alcohol

Aug 16 2017

It felt fruitless at times. Pointless, even. But a devastated mother never gave up on her decade-long mission to prove her son's death in Mexico could have been avoided. Maureen Webster’s undertaking was finally validated Friday, albeit far too late, when authorities seized around 10,000 gallons of illicit alcohol from resorts around the country. Webster had been working to raise awareness about the dangers of luxury resorts in Mexico since 2007 – but it took the death of yet another young American for authorities to take action.   Read more

Mexico raids 31 hot spots, 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol seized after Wisconsin woman's death at posh resort

Aug 14 2017

Mexican regulators raided 31 hot spots in Cancun and Playa del Carmen this past weekend as part of a widening effort to crack down on illegal alcohol -- a black market that came into the national spotlight after a Wisconsin woman's alcohol-linked death at a posh Mexican resort.
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Cancún, Playa bars shut after inspections

Aug 14 2017

Federal inspectors have closed two bars at vacation hot spots in Quintana Roo for allegedly selling tainted alcohol and shut down an illegal producer of alcoholic beverages.   Read more

Acapulco: Four killed in popular Mexico resort

Aug 14 2017

At least four people were shot dead in the Mexican resort of Acapulco on Sunday.   Read more

Mexican authorities seize illicit alcohol in crackdown at resorts

Aug 12 2017

Mexican authorities swept through 31 resorts, restaurants and nightclubs in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in recent days, suspending operations at two for unsanitary alcohol.   Read more

Aug 12 2017

In January, a lone gunman entered the trendy Blue Parrot nightclub in the upscale Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen and opened fire. Chaos ensued as the crowd scrambled for cover as the gunman traded shots with another man inside the club and security working the annual BPM music festival tried to suppress the melee.   Read more

A journalist's murder underscores growing danger in Mexico

Aug 4 2017

The absence of editor Javier Valdez Cardenas is deeply felt at the weekly newspaper he co-founded, but his presence is everywhere.   Read more

FBI Says Mexico Tourist Destination ATMS Vulnerable

Aug 3 2017

A recent anti-money laundering conference in Cancun has revealed the vulnerability of ATMs in tourist destination of Mexico.   Read more

Cancun crime wave threatens tourist mecca

Aug 2 2017

CANCUN, Mexico — Anti-crime activist Teresa Carmona hangs embroidered sheets in a park with details of those killed in this tourist mecca. She started with eight sheets two years ago. Now she hangs up to 80 every Sunday and has 70 more stored at home.   Read more

Tainted liquor may be responsible for tourist's death in Mexico, authorities say

Jul 27 2017

Mexico is the top international destination for U.S. travelers; nearly 30 million Americans visited the country last year alone.   Read more

U.S. State Department warns tourists about tainted alcohol at Mexico resorts after blackouts reported

Jul 27 2017

Many others families nationally report experiencing the same problems at Mexico's resorts that we reported last week through the case of the Pewaukee family, whose daughter died and son was injured.   Read more

Tainted Alcohol at Mexico Resort Suspected in Tourist Death

Jul 26 2017

Tainted alcohol at resorts in Mexico may be behind numerous reports of death, blackouts, injuries and illness among American tourists.  Read more

Head Cartel Member Arrested in Cancun

Jul 25 2017

A head cartel member believed to be responsible for most of the recent violence in the state has been captured in the city of Cancun.  Read more

Shootout in Cancun: Narcos Take Their War Into Hot Beach Resorts

Jul 21 2017

Carlos Mimenza won’t say whether the 200-man team he’s assembled carry guns. “I’ll have to leave it to your imagination. My lawyers don’t let me talk about it.”   Read more

Mexico's bloody drug war is killing more people than ever

Jul 21 2017

Drug war bloodshed in Mexico has spiked to record levels, with more homicides recorded in June than in any month in at least two decades.  Read more

Premature baby held in Mexican hospital until bill was paid arrives in U.S.

Jul 21 2017

A Lafayette, Ind., woman visiting Mexico had to have two emergency heart surgeries. Now a Cancun hospital won't release her until she pays a $40,000 bill. U.S. officials have warned travelers about hospital scams in Mexico Read more

Tourists to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico suspect they were given tainted alcohol

Jul 21 2017

The scene at the swim-up bar at the Mexican resort where Abbey Conner was pulled listless from the pool in January was full of young tourists last month when an attorney hired by Conner’s family showed up.  Read more

Drug wars invade Mexican beach resorts

Jul 21 2017

Carlos Mimenza won’t say whether the 200-man team he’s assembled carry guns. “I’ll have to leave it to your imagination. My lawyers don’t let me talk about it.”  Read more

Mexico murders up with deadliest month in at least 20 years

Jul 21 2017

In this early Thursday, June 29, 2017 photo, investigators mark the spot where spent bullet casings fell next to a body lying on a road in the town of Navolato, Sinaloa state, Mexico.
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Are All Inclusive Resorts Safe?

Jul 21 2017

Planning a vacation is suppose to be exciting. The thought of leaving reality behind and anticipating all the new experiences waiting around the bend is often the best part of any trip. It’s like the thrill of a perfectly wrapped birthday gift just begging to be opened.  Read more

BCS murder rate up 433% in first quarter

Jun 27 2017

The murder rate in Baja California Sur in the first three months of the year shot up by an alarming 433% over the same period last year as rival crime gangs settled scores and fought over territory.  Read more

Organ donor's father bikes from Madison to Florida, encouraging others to give life

Jun 21 2017

Distraught over his daughter’s sudden death at age 20, Bill Conner, of Oregon, is bicycling 2,600 miles to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she became an organ donor, to encourage people to register as donors.  Read more

Death in Mexico resembles a Civil War: Three Murders Per Hour in early 2017

Jun 20 2017

The nation of Mexico resembles a nation going through the trauma of a brutal civil war. Yet, the government of Mexico seems at a loss about tackling the ongoing crisis. Hence, in the first four months in Mexico this year, just over 8,700 murders have taken place. This is a remarkable statistic given the reality that no civil war exists in Mexico.  Read more

Deadly shooting and two hacked up bodies found in suitcases send panic through Cancun's tourist areas

Jun 19 2017

The hacked-up bodies of two men were found stuffed into two suitcases left in a marshy area just beyond Cancun's tourist zone. A terrifying shootout between army police and Mexican mafia hitmen in one of the country's tourist hotspots left frightened holidaymakers running for cover.  Read more

   Deadly Shooting in Downtown Cancún Spreads Panic in Tourist Hotspot-Turned Killing Zone

Jun 16 2017

A gun attack in downtown Cancún killed one person and spread panic on Thursday night.
A police patrol stopped a Jeep Cherokee after shots were fired from the vehicle toward the officers, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported. Mexican authorities arrested four people, two of whom were injured, after the shooting.  Read more

2 Bodies Found, Shootout Kills 1 in Mexico Resort of Cancun

Jun 16 2017

Authorities in the resort city of Cancun found two dismembered bodies stuffed in suitcases Friday and one suspected gunman was killed in a gun battle on a downtown boulevard, just days ahead of a regional gathering that is to include top Latin American diplomats.
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Mexico: 14 Bodies Found in Mass Grave near Gang-Plagued Tourist Resort in Baja California Sur

Jun 9 2017

The bodies of 11 men and three women were found in a mass grave near the tourist resort of San Jose del Cabo on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, where violence between rival drug gangs has surged.  Read more

Reporter threatened and has part of ear cut off in Mexico's Quintana Roo state

Jun 1 2017

Authorities in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo must undertake a swift investigation into the attack on journalist Carlos Barrios, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. An unidentified man threatened Barrios, who reports for the news website Aspectos, and cut off part of his ear with a knife, his editor Eduardo Rascón told CPJ.  Read more

Mexico gets more dangerous, travel cautiously at world’s 2nd Deadliest Conflict Zone

May 13 2017

Mexico is the second-most deadly conflict zone on the globe, according to a new study. The country has surpassed both Iraq and Afghanistan to become the world’s most violent country after Syria. Nearly 23,000 people were killed in Mexico in 2016, while around 17,000 were killed in Afghanistan and 16,000 in Iraq during the same time period.  Read more

Three homicides in Playa del Carmen in less than 72 hours

May 4 2017

A young man who was tortured and executed by a rival organized-crime group disputing the control of Playa del Carmen has become murder victim number 12 of this year. 
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Mexicans shocked by assault on family involving rape, murder

May 4 2017

Mexicans accustomed to violent crime are in shock over the brutality of an assault in which assailants raped a woman and her 14-year-old daughter, killed her 3-year-old son, beat the husband, stole the family's pickup truck and left them on the side of a dark highway.
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Apr 29 2017

The UK has launched a travel warning for its citizens, issuing a Mexico travel alert that includes Cancun and Playa del Carmen. While focusing mainly on larger centers such as Mexico City, the travel alert comes after several Quintana Roo state incidences including the January shooting at the Blue Parrot.  Read more

Tourists Flock to Mexican Caribbean Despite Violence, Heavy Police Presence

Apr 14 2017

CANCUN, Mexico – Tourists are flocking to Cancun and Mexico’s Riviera Maya despite a wave of violence in recent months that prompted officials to deploy a large number of security forces members in the region during Holy Week.  Read more

3 shot dead in Mexican resort of Cancun

Apr 3 2017

Three men were shot dead early Sunday in Mexico's famed Caribbean resort of Cancun, local media reported. The shooting occurred around 6:30 a.m. at the Santino Bar located in downtown Cancun, an area popular with tourists staying along the hotel strip.  Read more

A Mexican Man Was Cleared Of Raping A 17-Year-Old Girl Because He Didn't Enjoy It

Mar 30 2017

For months after he learned in 2015 that his 17-year-old daughter was kidnapped outside a club and raped by some former classmates, Javier Fernandez said, he refused to go to the police. That's not to say he didn't want justice. It's all the single father wanted for Daphne, his youngest child. "I wanted to kill them all," he told a New Yorker writer last year. 
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American woman wounded in Mexico resort of San Jose del Cabo

Mar 22 2017

Mexican officials say an American woman was wounded by a stray bullet during a shooting in the resort of San Jose del Cabo.  The prosecutor's office in Baja California Sur state says the woman is a 60-year-old from Pennsylvania. It says her wounds are not life-threatening and has not released her name.  Read more

Human head with threatening message found in Cancun

Mar 22 2017

A human head was found Saturday morning March 25 on a street in the urban center of Cancun, which has been shaken by various acts of violence in recent weeks.  Read more

Feb 22 2017

Mexico's latest official homicide figures indicate a significant increase in murders, a trend likely related in large part to shifting criminal dynamics in the country.  Read more

Feb 8 2017

The family of Tamra Turpin feels victimized all over again by the Mexican court system. They returned on Saturday from Playa Del Carmen where they were told the murder trial would begin for John Loveless.  Read more

Seven mutilated bodies found in Mexican tourist port: Official

Jan 28 2017

Seven headless, mutilated bodies have been found in a taxi abandoned near the tourist resort of Manzanillo in western Mexico, apparent victims of the country's epidemic of drug violence, local officials said Sunday.  Read more

Why Did A Mexican Cartel Target Canadian Festival Organizers?

Jan 26 2017

The Caribbean resort district that straddles Highway 307 along the coastline of the Mayan Riviera has played an unusual role in the cartel war which has raged in Mexico for over a decade. The region's importance in the transnational underworld has transformed it into a prize coveted by the leading crime syndicates operating between Toronto and Medellin.   Read more

Torontonians recount terror and tragedy of seeing friend killed in Mexico club shooting

Jan 19 2017

The first gunshot cut through the pulse of the Playa del Carmen, Mexico, nightclub less than a minute after Charles Lewis last spoke to Kirk Wilson, a Canadian killed in a shooting that left four others dead in the early hours of Monday morning.  Read more

Holiday drownings in Cancun sad start to New Year

Jan 19 2017

An American man died Christmas day swimming outside his hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone. According to reports, 57-year-old Richard Dauhin drowned in the afternoon hours of Christmas day while swimming outside his hotel, The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort at Km 12.5. Mr. Dauhin was a guest of the resort.  Read more

Mexican cartel violence reaches Cancun

Jan 19 2017

Cancun's pristine white beaches were famous for Spring Break and the debauchery of partying American tourists.  But the party atmosphere has gone, replaced with fear as the resort city becomes the latest battleground of Mexico's blood-soaked cartel war.  Read more

Back-to-back shootings spark new concern about simmering narco violence in Mexico’s tourism heartland

Jan 19 2017

Just a day after a multi-homicide shooting marred a music festival in Playa del Carmen, the state prosecutor’s office in nearby Cancun was attacked by gunmen, leaving four dead.  Read more

Cancun shooting: Mexican army deployed to tourist hotspot after second deadly attack in a week

Jan 19 2017

Nine people, including three tourists and a police officer, were killed during gun battles at a nightclub during an electronic music festival in Playa Del Carmen and later during a stand-off with soldiers at the state prosecutor’s office.  Read more

Shootings in Mexico's Riviera Maya Region Raises Tourism Industry Concerns

Jan 18 2017

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, but the area is reeling after two separate shootings have raised concerns about whether the violence which plagues the country has finally made its way to the region.  Read more

New bloodshed in Mexico’s tourism region with four dead in Cancun attack: ‘It has reached us’

Jan 18 2017

Gunmen attacked the state prosecutors’ office in this Caribbean resort city of Cancun Tuesday, and authorities said four people were killed, ratcheting up tensions just a day after a shooting at a music festival in a nearby town left three foreigners and two Mexicans dead.  Read more

Violence in Mexico’s Tourism Epicenter Points to Cartel Conflict

Jan 18 2017

A recent wave of violence in Mexico's most important tourism corridor has sparked fears about new conflicts between drug cartels seeking to gain control over the area.  Read more

Mexico resort shooting kills 5, including an American

Jan 16 2017

Gunfire broke out in a crowded beachfront nightclub throbbing with electronic music before dawn Monday, causing five deaths and setting off a bloody stampede by screaming concertgoers at an international festival in this Caribbean resort.  Read more

Cancun hotel zone rocked with fatal gunfire; 2 dead

Nov 29 2016

In the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, multiple gunshots were reported Sunday night resulting in two deaths and two injuries and triggering the activation of the Red Code.  Read more

2 shot dead in Cancun tourist hotel zone

Nov 29 2016

Mexican authorities say that two people have been shot dead in the heart of Cancun's hotel zone.
A statement from the Quintana Roo state prosecutor's office says that police responded to a report of shots fired at around 11:15 p.m. Sunday and found three people wounded. Witnesses indicated that there were two shooters.  Read more

Shocking wave of murders of mayors in Mexico

Sep 4 2016

Most of Donald Trump’s statements about Mexico are the product of ignorance, racism and demagoguery, but the Republican candidate would be delighted to read the latest headlines in this country.  Read more

Sep 4 2016

More than 80 current and former mayors have reportedly been killed in Mexico over the past ten years, with three of those murders occurring just in the past few weeks -- a pattern of violence that underscores the political aims of the criminal groups involved in a significant number of the assassinations.   Read more

Woman's quest to expose 'Mexico's butcher' after sister dies during botched butt lift

Sep 4 2016

Gold Coast woman Evita Sarmonikas went on a holiday to Mexico with her boyfriend for a Brazilian butt lift operation, but never came home. The 29-year-old died in March 2016 after her lung was punctured five times during the procedure.  Read more

More than 80 Mexico Mayors Murdered Since 2006

Aug 11 2016

More than 80 current and former mayors have reportedly been killed in Mexico over the past ten years, with three of those murders occurring just in the past few weeks -- a pattern of violence that underscores the political aims of the criminal groups involved in a significant number of the assassinations.  
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Shocking wave of murders of mayors in Mexico

Aug 11 2016

Most of Donald Trump’s statements about Mexico are the product of ignorance, racism and demagoguery, but the Republican candidate would be delighted to read the latest headlines in this country.  Read more

Travel alert for UK tourists after dozens are struck down with vomiting bug spread by feces-infected food and water at Mexican hotels

Aug 4 2016

Guests are now dropping like flies after eating the contaminated food at the hotel buffets – which are being equipped with hand sanitizers while disgruntled diners are being told to wear latex gloves.
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Top state official gunned down with bodyguard in Cancun

Jul 15 2016

A senior Quintana Roo state government official and his bodyguard were killed in Cancun, the state attorney general said.
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Senior Official of Quintana Roo, Mexico Executed

Jul 15 2016

Two days after the escape of 10 dangerous prisoners from Cancun jail in Quintana Roo, a senior security state official has been mercilessly executed, according to media reports
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Prison escape from Cancun jail during tourist high season

Jul 13 2016

Ten inmates have escaped from a prison in Mexico's Caribbean beach resort city of Cancun, the latest jailbreak to hit the country's scandal-plagued penitentiary system.
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Surviving Death: Police and Military Torture of Women in Mexico

Jun 28 2016

An unprecedented Amnesty International investigation of 100 women arrested in Mexico reveals that they are routinely sexually abused by the security forces who want to secure confessions and boost figures in an attempt to show that they are tackling rampant organized crime.
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Will Canada Take A Stand For Women's Rights In Mexico?

Jun 28 2016

The "three amigos" will have a lot to talk about on Wednesday when they meet in Ottawa for the North American Leaders' Summit. Climate change, trade, and migration are said to be on the agenda.
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A laid-back resort area in Mexico has once again been hit by a series of murky goings-on

Jun 21 2016

For more than 20 years, Tulum, one of the most laid-back and gorgeous spots along Mexico's Riviera Maya, has struggled with a dark secret—a secret that bared its ugly teeth again just last week.
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Police, soldiers swarm Mexico’s Acapulco, killings continue

May 24 2016

Along with beach towels or sandals, there's a new popular beach accessory that says a lot about the violence gripping this once-glamorous resort: a small black leather tote hanging from the neck or shoulders of some men. It's not a man-bag, exactly; it holds a small pistol.
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The fall of Acapulco from beachside paradise to hell on earth

May 17 2016

The shooting deaths of three tourists in the Mexican port city of Acapulco is the latest grisly chapter in the city’s tragic decline from paradise to hell on earth.
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75 Mayors Killed in Mexico over Last 10 Years

May 16 2016

From 2006 to January 2016, 75 acting and elected municipal presidents died victims of the violence in Mexico, a report by the National Association of mayors (ANAC) reveals today.
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Fake cops, hijackings and crocodile attacks: Brit tourists shunning terror hotspots warned other dangers lie in wait in ‘safe’ destinations

Apr 18 2016

BRITISH tourists who shun terror hotspots in favour of “safe” holiday
destinations were warned that different dangers lie in wait – including
hijackings and crocodile attacks.
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Four Slain at Mexican Beach Resort as Wave of Violence Soars

Mar 30 2016

Two people were gunned down at a nightclub in Acapulco and the mutilated bodies of two men were found on the city’s outskirts as the wave of violence continued in this beach resort in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.
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Young Women Are Getting Abducted Off the Streets of Mexico’s Second Largest City

Mar 29 2016

When 19-year-old Denisse Velasco left school earlier this month in Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city, she walked as she always does to a bus stop on Avenida Americas. It was 11am on March 7, and there was no one else around when a taxi pulled up beside her.
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Mexico sees jump in swine flu cases, 95 people dead

Mar 27 2016

Mexico has seen a sharp jump in cases of the virus H1N1, popularly known as swine flu, killing 95 people in the past week.
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Cancún Warnings and Dangers

Feb 11 2016

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Cancún
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Cradled in his drug dealer father's arms: The seven-month-old baby boy shot dead in a hit outside supermarket is the youngest victim of Mexico's bloody narco war

Feb 4 2016

Cuddled in the safety of his father's arms, bath-time complete, the baby clings on tightly - the perfect picture of an adoring papa with his newborn son.
But the picture takes on a darker significance now, for it would be in these arms that this child would die just seven months later - a moment captured in another, horrifying image.
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What’s Behind Femicide in Mexico?

Feb 2 2016

Cancun’s unsustainable development process helps explain femicide.
On January 13, Ruth Noh, a 7-year-old, was found raped and strangled to death in her bedroom in a Cancun apartment complex. The parents were taken into custody, and neighbors said the step-dad worked nights and the mom neglected the child, since she regularly drank alcohol with different men in the apartment.
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A Guide To Mexico’s Drug Cartels

Jan 30 2016

Drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, who controlled the Sinaloa Federation, one of Mexico’s two biggest drug cartels, was finally captured by Mexican Marines on Saturday. His involuntary retirement from cartel leadership will likely spark a wave of violence in Sinaloa and surrounding territory, according to a report by Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence agency.
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Progress on inquest into Durham teacher's Mexico death

Jan 25 2016

Twenty-three-year-old Alix Bussey, who lived in Durham and taught at Bowburn Infants School, and boyfriend Jonathan Boyle were heading back to their hotel after a night out on Thursday, April 9, last year when they were in a car accident in the resort of Riviera Maya.
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U.S. Renews Travel Warning To Mexico

Jan 21 2016

Better think twice before booking a getaway to Mexico: The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning to all Americans planning on visiting the country. Their previous travel ban expired in May of last year, but the department renewed it in light of recent figures that show an increase in U.S. citizens murdered in the country.
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State Department Renews Travel Warning For Large Parts Of Mexico; 103 Americans Killed In 2015

Jan 20 2016

Less than two weeks after the most wanted Mexican drug lord Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán was captured in Mexico, the U.S. Department of State renewed its Travel Warning to large parts of Mexico, showing little improvement in the neighboring country’s security situation since the previous warning seven months ago.
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Canadian suffers double assault in Cancun Hotel Zone

Jan 11 2016

A Canadian tourist suffered a double misdeed when he became a victim of crime not once, but twice, in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.
On Friday night, the tourist identified as G.T. said he was heading toward Hotel Antillano in the city’s center around 6:00 p.m. when he was stopped by a transvestite and offered sexual services in the Hotel Zone. When he refused, the man, who was dressed as a woman, struck him and tried to rob him.
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Series of femicides cast a dark shadow over Mexico's 'sunshine state'

Nov 25 2015

Quintana Roo is Mexico’s sunshine state, a booming tourists’ playground which draws record numbers of holiday-makers to its golden beaches, coral reefs, Mayan ruins and all-inclusive package deals.
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In Mexico, fear as victims vanish at hands of police

Nov 24 2015

Carlos Sanchez and his family had nearly completed the harrowing drive, hurtling along a dark and dangerous highway out of the mountains to a hospital when they collided with a state police truck parked across the highway lights out.
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A young journalist's beat: Survival

Nov 18 2015

Six reporters have been murdered in Mexico since 2013, and this year has been the deadliest for journalists there in decades.
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The Pope is Planning to Visit Very Troubled Parts of Mexico

Nov 18 2015

Pope Francis plans to visit Mexico in February 2016 — and the details of his agenda currently leaking out suggest he will be going to states deeply troubled by the country's drug wars, inequality, and the abuse of migrants.
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Canadian couple found dead in Playacar hotel

Nov 10 2015

Two Canadians who had arrived in the Riviera Maya for a wedding have been found dead inside their Playacar Palace hotel room.
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Canadian couple found dead in Playacar hotel

Nov 10 2015

Two Canadians who had arrived in the Riviera Maya for a wedding have been found dead inside their Playacar Palace hotel room.
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Former APD officer recounts insurance nightmare after injury on Mexican zip line

Nov 9 2015

An Albuquerque man injured in a zip line accident in Mexico almost a year ago is still recovering – but Harold Medina’s physical ailments are only part of his ordeal. It took money – a lot of money – to get him out of a Mexican hospital and back to the USA, and his insurance company didn’t help out with a solitary dime until later.
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Mexico: Police Killings in Michoacán

Oct 22 2015

A member of the state police stands on May 23, 2015 by a bloodstain during a search for evidence inside the ranch along the Jalisco-Michoacan highway in Tanhuato, Michoacan State, Mexico where 42 people were killed by Mexican security forces. 
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Acapulco violence scaring off US spring breakers

Oct 16 2015

American college students used to visit Acapulco during their holidays by the thousands, but they are now shunning the beach resort as it has become Mexico's murder capital.
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Oct 8 2015

More than 151,230 have been murdered in Mexico since December 2006, a figure that includes thousands of Central American migrants making the dangerous trek through the country toward the United States, denounced the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein.
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Two charged in deaths of U.S. Consulate officials in Mexico

Oct 1 2015

Under tight security, four accused associates of the Juarez Cartel were taken to San Antonio's federal courthouse Thursday after being delivered from a prison in Mexico where they have been held for several years.
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Three Sentenced for “Heavens” Bar Massacre

Oct 1 2015

Three people were given sentences of 520 years in prison each for their roles in the kidnapping and murder of 13 young people, the deadliest-ever massacre in the Mexican capital, but the cause of the violence remains a mystery as police say dozens are still being investigated.
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Family of Man Murdered in Mexico Wants Justice

Oct 1 2015

Tamaulipas state investigators confirmed a Rio Grande Valley man’s murder. The investigators are looking into allegations that the victim and a friend from Mexico were killed by state police.
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Woman’s Husband Killed 5 Years Ago on Falcon Lake

Sep 30 2015

Wednesday marks five years since gunmen targeted an American couple on Falcon Lake. Tiffany and David Hartley were jet skiing around Guerrero, Mexico, when Zeta cartel members shot at the couple.  Read more

Madera woman dies after buttock implant surgery in Mexico

Sep 23 2015

Roseann Ornelas would've been 54 if she was still alive. But in 2014 she went Mexicali, Mexico and never came home. Belinda Munoz is Roseann's sister. She says Roseann went there for an inexpensive tummy tuck.
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Seaweed invasion threatening tourism on Mexico’s Caribbean coast

Aug 31 2015

A mantle of dark seaweed has covered part of the sand and a nauseating odor fills the air, as if there were a sewer nearby. The ocean has lost its turquoise color and seems to have mixed with the earth.
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Caribbean, Mexico resorts plagued by sargassum outbreak

Aug 30 2015

It’s brown. It’s ugly. It smells bad, and it’s carpeting some of the most popular beaches in parts of the Caribbean and along the shorelines of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.
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Sargassum Seaweed Invasion Threatens Mexico Tourism

Aug 27 2015

When Andréanne St-gelais arrived at this quiet resort town in the middle of summer, she anticipated the heat and humidity, and maybe even the bugs. What she didn’t expect were the brown mounds of rotting seaweed piled up along the resort's world-famous, pristine white beaches.
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5 dead in weekend murders in Mexican resort cities

Aug 10 2015

Three people were slain in the once-tranquil resort city of La Paz and two others were killed in the nearby beach town of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico's Baja California Sur state over the weekend.
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Caribbean-bound tourists cancel holidays due to foul-smelling seaweed

Aug 10 2015

Authorities across the Caribbean are releasing emergency funding to clean up piles of decaying seaweed so huge and pungent that tourists have cancelled summer beach holidays and lawmakers on Tobago have deemed it a “natural disaster”.
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Life expectancy dips in Mexico as violent crime rises

July 30 2015

Violence is blamed for a five-month drop in life expectancy in Mexico while the corresponding figure in Chihuahua is a two-year reduction, according to a new calculation revealed in a National Citizens Observatory report.
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Mexico struggles to clean seaweed surge from Cancun beaches

July 28 2015

Large quantities of seaweed blanket the beach in the Mexican resort city of Cancun, Mexico, Wednesday, July 15, 2015. The seaweed invasion, which appears to have hit most of the Caribbean Read more

Is there a tourism-extortion connection?

June 26 2015

Four tourist towns, including Cancún, were among the five Mexican locations with the highest rates of reported extortion cases in 2014. The states they’re in (Morelos and Quintana Roo) rank one-two in extortion rate. It may or may not be a statistical fluke, but the crime-research organization that found the figures considers the connection serious. And it’s not limited to extortion Read more

Murdered in Mexico State: The Silent Epidemic of Women Killings in Mexico

June 22 2015

Four months after his daughter disappeared, Roberto Mora watched as workers pulled what appeared to be a skull from the muddy banks of a polluted canal on the outskirts of Mexico City. 
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Sister of cosmetic surgery 'victim' Eva Sarmonikas vows to bring Mexican surgeons to justice

June 8 2015

The sister of an Australian woman who died in Mexico after a simple cosmetic procedure says she will not leave the Latin American country until surgeons who performed the operation "take full responsibility" for their alleged medical malpractice. 
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Reps press Kerry on ‘alarming’ violence surrounding US consulates in Mexico

June 4 2015

A new wave of cartel-fueled violence in Mexico has congressional lawmakers raising bipartisan alarm over the safety of American personnel stationed there -- and questioning whether consulates in the country's most dangerous cities should even remain open. 
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The picturesque Mexican bus trip that turned to terror

June 4 2015

IT was the bus ride from hell, with every jerk on the southern Mexican highway causing my stomach to cartwheel.
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Canada Warns Tourists: Watch Your Back in Mexico

June 3 2015

On Monday, June 1, the Canadian government issued a warning for tourists bound for Mexico, amid a wave of violence between Mexican security forces and criminal gangs.  
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Mexico: Freak Whale Accident Nearly Kills

June 2 2015

A freak whale accident that occurred during a Mexican vacation has left a Minnesota woman and her two sisters injured.  Read more

Acapulco - A paradise marred by violence

May 31 2015

Acapulco, Mexico's most famous Pacific port, was recently bestowed with the dubious honor of having the highest murder rate in the country.   Read more

May 30 2015

In the first four months of this year, an average of 98 people were murdered each day in Mexico, a new study has shown.   
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Mexico travel advisory: Avoid Puerto Vallarta

May 15 2015

Cruise lines cancelled stops in Puerto Vallarta because of a recent spike in violence and the updated U.S. State Department travel warning for Mexico advised "exercise caution" throughout the region.  
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Mexico's drug war is getting even worse

May 14 2015

Despite eight years of violence spanning two Mexican presidential administrations, the country's drug war has continued with few signs that Mexico's drug cartels are waning in power.  
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Woman in coma after botched surgery in Mexico

May 14 2015

A San Diego woman who traveled to Mexico for a gastric bypass procedure remains in a coma and her former husband told 10News that doctors believe she may never recover from the complications.  
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Two Cruise Ships Cancel Calls to Puerto Vallarta

May 11 2015

Celebrity Cruises’ Infinity canceled a May 10 call at Puerto Vallarta and Royal Caribbean International’s Jewel of the Seas will do the same on May 12 after reports of violence between drug gangs and local authorities.   Read more

Mexico Cartel clashes worry Canadian tourists

May 5 2015

The relative safety many Canadians enjoy at Mexican resort destinations may be in jeopardy, as ongoing gang violence in the country's Jalisco state threatens to affect some of its most popular tourist spots.   Read more

Canadians issued warning after wave of attacks in Mexican tourist destinations

May 5 2015

TORONTO—Canada’s embassy In Mexico has issued a warning to tourists following a wave of recent attacks by a drug cartel in the western state of Jalisco..   Read more

Federal government updates Mexico travel warning

May 5 2015

The State Department has updated its travel advisory to Americans planning to venture into Mexico, again warning them to deter travel to certain places because of the ongoing violence in the country.   Read more

Mexican military declares all-out war against cartel that shot down Army helicopter and killed 6 soldiers in smoldering Jalisco state

May 5 2015

Mexico has launched a massive offensive against an especially brazen drug cartel that shot down a military helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade, killing six soldiers in an increasingly bloody campaign for control of Jalisco state.   Read more

Tourists warned about ‘narco-blockades’ in Mexico

May 4 2015

Canadians in Mexico’s popular Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara areas have been warned to stay inside due to escalating violence between drug cartels and police.  Read more

Mexican violence prompts warning to vacationing tourists in Puerto Vallarta

May 3 2015

The Canadian and U.S. embassies in Mexico have issued warnings for tourists and travelers in and around Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara after another outbreak of drug-gang-related violence. Read more

Travel Warning Issued for Mexico

Apr 15 2015

Tamaulipas, Matamoros, and Reynosa are all on that list. The U.S. State Department said the safety and security of travelers are at risk.   Read more

Mexican authorities ask public to ignore banners attributed to cartel that killed police

Apr 14 2015

Prosecutors in the western Mexican state of Jalisco asked the public Tuesday to ignore banners hung around the city that were purported to be from the cartel that killed 15 state police officers in an ambush last week.   Read more

Man dies after a crocodile attack in Cancun, Mexico

Apr 13 2015

The victim Marco Antonio Sanchez, was allegedly intoxicated when he entered the water.  
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Priest Murdered in Mexico Yet Again; Archbishop Asks 'When Will Bloodshed End?'

Apr 10 2015

A Roman Catholic priest has been murdered in Mexico yet again, which the Vatican has said is the most dangerous country in Latin America for clergymen. Father Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Díaz was found by authorities with a bullet wound in his head and abandoned on a dirt road.  
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15 Mexican Police Officers Go Down in Ambush

Apr 9 2015

A highway in the Mexican state of Jalisco erupted into a war zone on Tuesday, as unidentified gunman surprised a police unit in broad daylight around 3 PM, killing 15 and wounding 5. The ambush is thought to have been in revenge for the shooting of a drug trafficker on March 23 in a police sting.   Read more

Community rallies for woman who lost leg in Mexico accident

Apr 9 2015

A popular local bartender loses her leg in a terrible accident on vacation in Mexico. Now friends, family and customers are helping to lift her spirits.    Read more

Police commander killed in Mexico resort city

Apr 5 2015

A senior police officer was gunned down in front of a bus station in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco, local officials said.  The police commander was killed Saturday in his personal car while passing the station that is a hub for bus lines used by tourists to get from the capital to Acapulco, a local prosecutor told AFP. The officer s son, who was with him, was unhurt.  
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Apr 4 2015

From the beachfront boulevard, the predominant view here is of tourists throwing themselves into the sunset off bungee platforms above techno-blasting beer bars, as paragliders drift along under billowing Dos Equis chutes.  But closer up, you can’t miss the guns. There are state police with black masks in trucks with gun mounts. Roving pods of armed federal gendarmerie on souped-up three-wheelers. Assault-rifle-toting Mexican marines on foot patrols with armbands that read “Tourist Protection."   Read more

A tourism insider changes his mind about Mexico

Mar 26 2015

Mexico doesn’t need any more bad press. Between drug violence and natural
disasters, it’s had enough, thanks very much.
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Canadian media singled out for blindsiding Mexican drugs war

Mar 17 2015

The nearly decade-long war on drugs initiated by the Mexican government and military against rival drug cartels fighting for regional control has claimed close to 120,000 lives.   Read more

Beware the gas-station scam in Mexico

Feb 15 2015

A traveler ends up paying twice for a tank of gas in Los Cabos, by credit card then cash when the card supposedly didn’t work.   Read more

Their all-too-brief love story lives on after wife's death during honeymoon

Feb 14 2015

The newlywed widower took the microphone. Behind him, his late bride smiled out at the grievers from a blown-up photo hanging on the wall. "In sports, it's called being in 'the zone,' " John McFadden told the group gathered for a Jan. 31 memorial event at Tav on the Ave in St. Paul. "Lindsey and I were in a zone. That zone lasted nine months."   Read more

Thomas Cook awards British family £12,300 compensation after they ALL got gastric illness on Mexican holiday - then mother fell over and hurt her back

Feb 10 2015

A British family have been awarded £12,300 by Thomas Cook after their Mexico holiday turned into a disaster.  Dianne Blakeway, 57, her husband Roy, 61 and sons Ben, 20, and Robert, 30, all fell ill with a violent gastric bug during their trip to the Gran Caribe Real Resort & Spa in Cancun. 
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Drug Violence Leaves a String of Ghost Towns in Mexico

Feb 7 2015

Cerro del Águila, which two centuries ago was a refuge for independence fighters in Mexico, is now a stronghold of organised crime groups engaged in turf wars for control of the prosperous poppy trade and trafficking routes, which have left a string of ghost towns in their wake. 
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UN to Probe Mexico Over 43 Missing Students

Jan 29 2015

The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances will probe Mexico for the first time, as the country grapples with a crisis over 43 students missing and feared dead. The panel will hold talks with Mexico on February 2-3 in Geneva, a UN statement said.   Read more

Mexican police chief killed in ambush

Jan 28 2015

A municipal police chief in the Mexican state of Veracruz was killed and four of his officers severely wounded in an ambush, authorities said.  Read more

Mexico Officially Declares 43 Missing Students Dead

Jan 28 2015

This is the first time all the students have been officially declared dead despite DNA identification of only one student and the declaration from a lab in Innsbruck, Austria, that it appears impossible to identify the rest of the bodies.  Read more

Free presumed kidnapped in Cancun in Playa del Carmen

Jan 20 2015

Red Cross requested the presence of elements of Public Safety after caring for a young 20 years old, from Playa del Carmen who had several injuries on the body, upon release of an alleged kidnapping.  Read more

Calgary mother risks life to save Montreal couple from drowning in Mexico

Jan 6 2015

A Calgary mother is being called a hero after she was the only person to swim out and rescue a Montreal couple from drowning in Mexico.   Read more

Calgary woman talks to woman she saved in Cancun

Jan 5 2015

A Calgary woman says her teenage lifeguard training kicked in as she rescued a couple from the Caribbean Sea.  Read more

Crime Violence In Cancun

Jan 2 2015

Crime in cancun, mexico. safety in cancun - cost of living, Information about crime in cancun, mexico. shows how much people think the problem in their community are property crimes (home broken, car theft, etc.).  Read more