Nolan's Story


Nolan's 22nd and last birthday Ryan & Nolan on New Years Eve, one week before Nolan died

Eyewitness Account (click to read)

On January 6, 2007 our 22-year-old son Nolan L. Webster and his girlfriend flew to Cancun Mexico for a one-week dream vacation at the Oasis Hotel. This trip was purchased through Apple Vacations and was a college graduation gift to Nolan from his father and me.  Nolan graduated from the University of Massachusetts just 3 weeks prior to his senseless and untimely death. On Sunday, January 7th, 2007 less than 30 hours after his arrival at the Oasis Hotel, Nolan was dead. He was pulled from the 4 1/2 foot deep hotel pool alive but unconscious. This tragedy took place in the middle of the afternoon with a resort full of guests.  Nolan’s death is not only horrific, but also an unimaginable loss of a very special individual. We have since learned that Nolan is not the only U.S. victim that has died at this resort.

The Oasis Hotel prides itself on having the largest swimming pool in Cancun. Perhaps it is their ploy to lure unsuspecting tourists to a pool that obviously does not comply with safety standards. The lack of safety and disregard for security are appalling as well as outrageous.  What truly remains “Beyond Your Expectations” is the fact that hotel employees’ did not know CPR---this fact alone is reprehensible.  There are signs at the pool indicating that lifeguards were present and on duty but they were not present at the time that Nolan was in the pool.

Our family has been contacted by a number of guests that witnessed the tragic events.  Every one of these guests has noted serious concerns about the lack of emergency steps taken by the Oasis Hotel management to prevent Nolan’s death. Two guests immediately took Nolan out of the pool and within minutes another guest who is a trauma room nurse came to assist.  He (nurse) shared the events as they unfolded and the alarming fact that there was no sense of urgency to the medical emergency.  Imagine a trained professional from Canada initiated life saving efforts while resort officials did nothing.  He had to ask the resort to call for an ambulance. It took approximately 10 minutes for resort personnel to even confirm that an ambulance was on the way. The ambulance arrived at the hotel 30 minutes from the time Nolan was taken out of the pool.  When the alleged  “hotel doctor” finally arrived at the scene he REFUSED to treat Nolan. The nurse was told to “leave him alone, he is just drunk”. Nolan was taking breaths at the time.  His color was progressively becoming mottled and blue.  The nurse, in an effort to save Nolan’s life, attempted to take the ambu bag and emergency kit from the “hotel doctor” since the doctor seemingly had no intention of using it.

The doctor snatched the ambu bag from the nurse and refused to allow the nurse to treat Nolan.  The nurse pleaded with the hotel doctor to give Nolan some oxygen but the doctor did not take any action to sustain Nolan’s life.  He was forced away from our son by hotel security. When the ambulance arrived they put a blanket over Nolan and pronounced him dead.  At no time did anyone from the hotel or ambulance crew provide oxygen or attempt to perform any life saving techniques.  After Nolan was declared “DEAD” his body was left beside the pool for over 4 hours.

Nolan’s girlfriend called us crying hysterically and telling us “I think Nolan’s dead”!  At the time of Nolan’s accident she was in the hotel room.  She received a phone call in her room and was told by resort officials to go to the pool.  Once she arrived and saw Nolan she was picked up by hotel security and carried away. This phone call was the only one we ever received from anyone.  Imagine trying to make sense of what you were just told. We were and still are in shock.  We cannot comprehend that this is the way the Oasis Resort and Apple Vacations think such tragedies should be handled.  Avoidance, no communication with family ,and a cavalier attitude, all of which project a lack of value for life.

This type of disregard for life is unacceptable and cannot and should not be tolerated by the Mexican or U.S. tourism industries.  Inhumane behavior must have consequences.  It is imperative that the U.S. State Department expose resorts and tour companies responsible for causing life-devastation. These same resorts must be held accountable for causing the deaths of innocent U.S. citizens while on vacation.

U.S. citizens have the right to be informed as to the lack of regard for safety, security, and life that exists in the Riviera Maya area.  We know that reporting laws exist for Americans who die from non-natural causes abroad but the reporting is not detailed and the U.S. State Department is not in compliance with the entirety of the law.  Any American contemplating traveling to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, including Cancun, must be informed of the unimaginable dangers that exist. Our goal is to provide honest information so that no other family will ever have to live with such profound sadness and loss.

The Family of Nolan L. Webster